Amsterdam Bear Pride


From Thursday March 19th till Monday March 23rd 2015 Amsterdam will celebrate it’s second Bear Pride. The city of cheese, tulips and tolerance welcomes all the furry fella’s and their friends for a weekend filled with fun. Bowling, a pub crawl, dancing, cruising, bingo, a canal cruise and of course a Mister Bear Netherlands election are just some of the highlights of a diverse schedule of events.

A weekend that aims to bring people from the community together, to simply have a good time and organized by people from that same community. Amsterdam is proud to be a diverse and gay friendly city and it is time we celebrated that with a Bear Pride.

Join us, meet old friends and make some new ones. Explore the city, enjoy the broad range of culture, shop till you drop, sample the food and get a taste of the buzzing nightlife!


  • Michael Roks (Initiator & Organizer)
  • Eagle / Dirty Dicks Sjag Kozak (Organizer)
  • BN Bram Sniekers (Organizer) – Furball
  • Box Online