Gegen Riot

Gegen Riot


Brückenstraße 1
10179 Berlin


"If I can't dance, it's not my revolution" - Emma Goldman, Living My Life, 1931.



  • PAULA TEMPLE (Noise Manifesto) AV with MARIT ÖSTBERG
  • MATT SIMS (Berlin/ L.A.)
  • CHROMA (Stilvortalent/ Shaker Plates)
  • WARBEAR (Gegen Resident)

Plus all revolution on ...

VJ BOXIKUS (Gegen Resident)



  • TARA TRANSITORY aka ONE MAN NATION LIVE (International //gender|o|noise\\ Underground)
  • KIRDEC (Syrphe)
  • IAN P.CHRIST (Death # Disco)
  • THE TRANSHUMANS (Transhuman Rec.)
  • A/ONA (Drone Resident)

Plus all revolution on ...



  • ARI (Neighborhood Characters /Uzuri)
  • STEREON (aka. Mark Hardbone)


  • JUSTIN CASE (Pet Shop Bears)
  • OPENMIKE (Pet Shop Bears)

Plus all revolution on ...

★ GEGEN ART: "Greeting from Berlin" Video Installation




Plus Free wardrobe, Free Fruits Buffets, Pool, Five Lounges, Fetish Balconades, An Undeground Hospital, Free Riot Shots for the first 100 comers and a dancing revolution for all creatures outside given schemes.


GEGEN TRAVELS invites you to the number one of Berlin experiences: GEGEN RIOTS, the first of may weekend. Touch the freedom to expose your body for workers rights, civil rights, human rights by breaking the lines of your daily routine. Wear your anticapitalist clothes just for one weekend and join the most interesting riot experience constantly followed by our expertise in the capital of political history. Meet the famous autonomen, the antifas, the black block, the punks, the skins, the squatters, the anarchists, the feminists, the lgbts and queers united for what makes the first of may in Berlin worth a kick to your daily duties. Feel the excitation rising, the fights joining together. It´s time for your pride to take off. It´s time to stand for social justice as where´s no justice there´s no peace. Berlin is the place to cross the line of conformity and to show your consciousness. Time is right for revolution. GEGEN TRAVELS proposes you a full platform for a revolutionary weekend, bringing you back, safe and clean, to your daily life. The full-price all-inclusive weekend proposes:

Thursday afternoon - “TOUCH THE PLENUM” Meeting point with a tour of the ex-squats in Friedricshain. To go back to the old fun times of East Berlin with the partecipation of a house project plenum set up just for you. You can partecipate, follow the interventions, stand up and make a political statement. We can swear that after the plenum you´ll feel a real activist like a fresh shower. The program continues with a walk in the u-bahn stations to empathize with the poor Berlin daily condition by sharing the clochard experience, collecting bottles for "pfund" and sell “Moz” in thetrains. For a small extracharge on the travel fee you can book “VOLARE”, a special workshop on how to play italian ausländer hits like Modugno or Carosone to beg for money in the trains; it´s an unmissable event making you human exactly like in a Reality Tv Show.

Thursday Evening – “VEGAN IN NEUKÖLLN”. Experience the new Berlin “Brennpunkt” with endless restaurants proposing you crudist menus and Frappuccino wonders. Get in touch with the real turkish community where oil is made by olives, hummus is real hummus, men and women are folded by this racist society so if you are lucky, you can have a real exotic night out to emancipate them with a new vision of life, gender and sexuality. If you are not, well for the same extracharge on the travel fee we shall provide you escorts.

Friday morning - “HOW TO RAID A MCDONALD'S” Workshop. Learn methodologies and techniques to destroy the icon of multicorporations by avoiding cameras, smashing the kitchen, spitting on the face of poor workers sold to the transnational capital by the jobcenters and stealing toilet papers for your own private collection. For an extracharge on the travel fee, our trainers shall make you live the REAL THING by invading one of the restaurants of the city which will be declared with a meeting point just after the workshop exactly like those old schools illegal raves. Isn´t it exciting?

Friday Afternoon - “FIRST OF MAY BIG EXTRAVAGANZA”. The GEGEN RIOT platform will provide busses to Kreuzberg – Kottbusser Tor from such meeting points as Boxahgener Platz, Alexander Platz, Rosenthaler Platz, Rathaus Neukölln and Nollendorf Platz for all the people who decided for a friday night out in the Schöneberg Gay Village. In the busses there will be a distribution of the GEGEN RIOT KIT constituted by a GEGEN BRANDED Gas Mask, Lemons,a black Sweatshirt, a special iphone and ipad shell, a backpack with ten rocks of different dimensions,a full face hat and a hankerchief (For gay men: Specify the color so you can recycle it as hanky code in your next leather bar appearance). We invite you to wear black and to dowload the “I was there” GEGEN RIOT APP ( which indicates where you are, keeping you in touch with the other GEGEN RIOTERS meanwhile taking a picture of you with the claim “REVOLUTION WILL BE FACEBOOKED” that will be directly posted to your profiles walls as day souvenir.

Friday Night - “GEGEN RIOT- THE SOLIPARTY”. Do you need a proper reason to do a party in solidarity with something or somebody? Not really. The important thing is that “Soli” is metaphore of “political” and there you (shall) go. So here is your one and only chance to be an active participant !!!!! Get a shower and wear your revolutionary night clothes to attend one of the top five hot parties in Berlin. GEGEN RIOT special first of may edition awaits for your final scream of equality through difference, for your queer individuality and political activism gone clubbing. Kick imposed identities. Rage against heterocentrism and homocentrism. Be queer for one night and one night only. Rise your fist in the air, one ass will for sure jump over it and you´ll finally be allowed to say to the world: “I have dealt with the real shit in Berlin”. We at GEGEN TRAVELS shall put up a bus service to bring you back to Tegel and Schönefeld Airports or/and Hauptbahnhof and Ostbhanhof every hour starting from 05:00 a.m. directly from the Kit Kat Club where the party is held.

Wishing you a nice coming back to your life, your work, your social positions and responsabilities, we shall count the days to have you back in 2016. Be GEGEN. Be RIOT.

More infos on the GEGEN RIOT full platform bookings and prices*

* Drinks are excluded.

Brückenstraße 1
10179 Berlin , BE
Berlin DE
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