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GEGEN ASS   Power : Lust = Must : Pain

The heteronormative world is split in two: it is vertical and bipolar. Its verticality is based on the alignment between sex, gender and sexuality.

Such an axiom assumes meaning in a range of algebraic variations, where the positive axis is represented by man and the negative by woman.

Man belongs to the upper world, the time-space in which power is transmitted from father to son. In such a world, man adheres to the male gender norms through the power of feeling lust. This power is verified as status, when directly proportional to one's ability to produce pain. The man identifies himself by his opponent, as the other to be subordinated. Male expression resides in the recurrent spaces between appropriation and elimination.

Man becomes male when he penetrates, perpetrating an assassination in the clothing of procreation- the enactment of death passing through the slavery of life. This process is then validated in naturalistic logic by the spermatozoa forged by the power of lust as the only tool perpetuating human life. Man is male when he penetrates- it's the only way he can express that natural cycle, thus the universality of his power.

Woman belongs to the underworld; the space-time in which she is obliged to play daughter, wife or mother. In such a world, woman has a duty to defer, to be penetrated and fecundated, to reproduce man, and to die suffering. The vagina is the crossing gate of power, from one generation to the next. Woman's blood is the only certificate of male power- it represents a natural male right to let woman become female; the very lacquer onto which both their gender norms are embossed.

This naturalisation of killing power via fecundation and the obligation of dying within procreation are structured within an institutionalizing process called “the traditional family”. Its function is to crystalize disparities by perpetuating gender status-norms: 'family' as the original core of social bonds, basis for contemporary capitalism, and a system based on rights to privatize, abuse and subordinate. Power, as the sexual desire for destruction, locates its meaning within that deductive machination in terms of detaining others' lives.

The subversion of these heteronormative bonds, through which the propagation of power and obligation inextricably tie the naturalized to universalized bipolarity between the upper and under-world, passes through a different gate.

This gate is a secret passage, creating invisible rhizomes, strange convergences, tumbling horizontalizations between limited worlds. The passage is very dangerous to institutionalization by the system, and for this reason need be occluded and sewn. It has the cultural faculty to yield pleasure via expulsion among the heteronormative world where penetration is identitary. The removal of this gate's active transitive functionality is executed to block access to the underworld diasporas.

Strange creatures pulsing curious emotions inhabit strange worlds behind the suture. They tell intestinal stories, in which the male and the female are lost in a fecal pastiche. Deep aromas and rectal muscles stain the covers, subverting blood's primacy over purity certification, by anonymization of women's bodies- the score telling one story but the story is another.

It is visceral story of other nights, other loves, other passions- it's a story of waste and the wasted, dumps and the dump, where landfill becomes a wild Acheron, swallowing its own Charon. Who is undead and who is unliving now in a land of silence where subliminal sounds and imperceptible frequencies transform fears into desires?

It's a story beyond the worlds, where invisible powders, self-organisations, economies of foulness, sociologies of the individual, all are fluttering in a mind-meld ecology. To subvert is to open the scar, to let the panacea of winds out as an injective spiral. An explosion echoes.

It's the fracture of axioms shouting. It's the subtle lightness of becoming that rains like viral snow, where practices of pleasure become the categoric refusal of duty of body fluids, getting lost in tubular bells where repetition is a form of change, where entrance and exit formulate endless permutations.

Step right up, Folks! As beyond the worlds, there is a processual meta-verse: to explore darkness shall allow you to experience blinding colour. The gate is open, and it is GEGEN. GEGEN ASS!

[Some parts of this text are excerpted from the book of essays "Por el Culo: políticas anales" by Javier Sáez & Sejo Carrasco, Madrid: Editoriales Gay y Lesbianas Egales, 2011]

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