Cocktail D'Amore


CockTail d’Amore has rightfully earned its place as one of Berlin’s top alternative gay parties. While all genders and orientations are welcome, the monthly event’s populace leans heavily toward the unfair sex, with masculine pheromones and booming soundwaves wrestling in midair. The night is hosted by DJs Boris & Discodromo, whose prime motivation is their passion for music, a passion they’re sharing with open-minded friends and strangers in a carefree atmosphere.

Boris is a longtime Berlin fixture and is perhaps best known as resident DJ at the internationally renowned Berghain/Panoramabar. For CockTail d’Amore, though, he plays in a more intimate setting with selections from his vast collection that otherwise might not be heard in his more palatial homebase. Discodromo are Italo in the literal sense – the duo moved to Berlin from Venice a couple years back – and although they might mix a bit of Moroder into their sets, Giacomo and Giovanni have a style that focuses heavily on disco, techno and house in its various permutations, whether time-tested gems from the 80s, or brand new, unreleased cuts. And behind CockTail d’Amore’s whole visual aesthetic is Greek creative mind Gold’n’sour.

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