Gegen Amt

Gegen Amt


Brückenstraße 1
10179 Berlin


After the wild 4th years Birthday Bash, this GEGEN edition plays on a precious theme of German Society and Culture, launching a malignant dance through its Kafkaesque power mechanisms.

The concept is AMT and touches Bureaucracy directly. As Berlin´s economy is growing faster and faster through queer migration by using its social rights, it is interesting to see what integration means between spending money as private subject and being recognized as public subject by social institutions.

As an institution is a sedimentation of relational behaviours codified in statuses-roles and mores and as the individualism of romanticism is annihilated by a german structural-functionalistic vision where a “balanced” society rejects emotions as energy-wasting unwanted-drama, social engineering enters the sphere of sexuality toward sadomasochism.

The functionary is the mistress/master who owns power, expressing it through the bureaucratic language. The subject asking for rights is the designated victim in the AMT playroom. Where sex is technique, Bureaucracy is the ultimate sexual domination practice.

Numbers on screens will call your torture. Your identity will be put at stake starting form the queue. The excitation given by entering the realms of the social german excellence rapidly leaves place to body liquids; the smell a generalized electric fear. You piss yourself in your pants by passing the doors of social testing and this warm feeling makes you hot but you still do not process it. Discount ties and cheap parfums, pink hair mashes and brown nails, old desks and cathodic computer screens, enchained pens and background family pictures, plastic flowers, calendars and Volkshockschule flyers with spare time activities are the new fetish. Forms are pornography and filling them is undressing yourself in the playroom. The declination of AMTs are as much as are the sexual-niches in a whatever porn portal.

BÜRGER/AMT, FINANZ/AMT, ARBEITS/AMT and the merry will go around in a wonderland spiral until your social body is completely controlled. How to refuse the model making you a quantitative unit to de-organize this social body and to reach the individual orgasm beyond society, culture and market? GEGEN invites you to dance your active masochism.

Refuse is Re/use. De/sign your bureaucracy by embracing it to its full. Squirt your social pain under the table and proudly show your stains on a wonderful Aldi Markt grey skirt when you stand up. Wear birkenstocks with short socks and make sure there is a hole on the big toe. Show your erections when your documents are wrongly filled. Make that purposely and do it again and again and again until ascension. Give yourself to the system as social poison. Where hate produces the enemy, love will tear it apart. You do not have to chose to be inside or outside. You want to be everywhere and decontextualise yourself by being your own negative. Embrace the esthetics with epic, by making the ethic fail. Be GEGEN. Be AMT.


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