BearDance2 with Special Guest Robin Skouteris

The next BearDance is on start. Eastern was a warmup, now it is getting even hotter. We invited Panoramabear. He and our resident DJ Axeley will deliver finest club tunes. The projections will be made again by our VJ Alkis aka "Zentralkomitee".

AND!! There is a very special guest!!! YES!!!

We proudly present Robin Skouteris - first time in Berlin.

There is no other name connected so close with the mashup genre. Hundredthousands of youtube clicks and a constantly growing fan crowd.

Robin will present a DJ Set of 80ies/90ies dance and, of course, a set full of mashups. We are so excited.

  • Gayroyal
  • Box Online
  • Axel Hotel Berlin
  • TWO Hotel Berlin by Axel
  • Scheune Berlin