Gegen Organs


Brückenstraße 1
10179 Berlin


6. Juli um 23:00 bis 7. Juli um 10:00
Eating an ‘I’, eating an eye. Incorporation — and not sensation — is the ultimate vehicle of the experience of the world. Centuries after Spinoza, we will still not know ‘what a body can do’.

Manifesto of Urban Cannibalism (Amsterdam declaration)
Wietske Maas and Matteo Pasquinelli

Brain, Heart. Mouth, Anus. Harm, Leg. Lung, Kidney. Hand, Foot. Blood, Bone. Muscle, Nerve. Liver, Pancreas. Touch, See. Stomach, Intestines. Penis, Vagina. Rib, Spine. Tooth, Gum. Eye, Ear. Finger, Nail. Clitoris, Testicle. Beliy, Breast. Taste, Hear. Hair, Skin. Synapse, electricity. Fluid, Membrane. Gas, Liquid. Gland, Texture. X,Y. DNA, RNA. Sex, Gender. Pain, Pleasure. Method. Start from a random point and connect the organs in a form that you decide. Compose it, Feel it, Move it, Act it. Action. Let the organs empathize, love, explode, conflict, accept and refuse with a seductive form. Form. Apply it as a model for social interactions. Let it become language. Sprawl it as an open space, a play field. Evade, invading. Invasion. Let its texture pervade the environment. Guide a multidirectional process with the direction of self representation. Do not get lost in the immediatism of things. Do not get trapped in the usability of a content generation. Do not trust in the spontaneous. Historify Deleuze. Open a fake Foucault Facebook profile. Bring Lichtemberg into Schoeneberg and viceversa. Result. Then you'll have a fluidity between citizenship and inhabitancy as a molecular plus-value. Then your organs shall be free within a project of a self directed body. Then the body will be impacting as a different market. Direction. It's manipulating genetics toward new models of being. It's social Alchemy. It's Biomagick. It's projecting the unwritten. It's writing the unsaid. It's experiencing mutation. It's producing liberation. It's GEGEN ORGANS.

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Brückenstraße 1
10179 Berlin , BE
Berlin DE
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